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"I find him an intelligent and gifted communicator and incredibly easy to work with.  He understands rural communities and the pressures facing the food and farming industry extremely well and has a range of skills that can augment many planned developments" - Professor Gareth Rees

"Adam came in and he was like a whirlwind - we didn't have a succession plan in place; Adam helped us realise this was a big stumbling block and consequently our focus changed.  He has been a very good facilitator, it has been an excellent experience and is great value for money; I'd definitely recommend it" - Becky Heaton Cooper, Heaton Cooper Studio

"His strong communication skills both verbal and written ensured that all issues were addressed by the appropriate people at the appropriate point in the project.  One of Adam's particular skills is his ability to encourage people at all levels to open up and discuss issues in a forthright and productive manner" - Alison Watts, Partner, Armstrong Watson

About Us

We're rural economic development specialists with over 20 years experience in consulting, coaching and training.  We've a wide portfolio of experience across a number of industries and we've a particular interest in rural business, farming & food, regeneration, tourism, creative and voluntary sectors.  We work in the private, public and third sectors and often collaboratively with other trusted partners.


We've worked extensively in the fields of business & organisational planning, feasibility & research studies, major project evaluations, fund raising & rural regeneration.


Our work is often at the boundary of the private, public and third sectors and many of our projects involve collaborations between multiple partners.


Our references page contain just a few testimonials from clients and partners and is a demonstration of our success.

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