Adam Wellings Consulting - rural economic development specialists

About Us

Our expertise is extensive and is reflective of the breadth of our work, our client base and our experience.

Feasibility Studies - we've developed a range of feasibility studies for private sector businesses, collaborative supply chains, regeneration projects and new entities.

Business Planning - we've extensive business planning experience and have written narrative and financial plans for a range of major public/private and voluntary sector partnerships.  Some have involved transfer of significant assets.

Strategic Marketing - we've developed and delivered marketing campaigns in industries such as agricultural phamaceuticals, education foundations, recuitment, renewable energy and rural tourism.

Fund Raising - our work in capturing funding for clients stretches back since we started out in consultancy.  As a result we have extensive experience and numerous success stories for UK and EU funding such as SRB, ESF, ERDF, ERDP, RDPE, HLF, Big Lottery, Technology Strategy Board etc, as well as other smaller regional/sector based funds.

Evaluation - we've conducted a range of significant national and regional evaluations for public and voluntary sector clients; some have been for small localised projects, others for nationally funded multi-million pound schemes.

Project Management - we've been commissioned to project management a range of developments.  Some of these involve regeneration schemes and bring together private/public and voluntary sector partners.  Others have been new build greenfield projects.

Business Management - clients often retain our services over a longer term period and we work alongside them, as part of their team.  Long term retainers have included an agricultural healthcare business, a leading educational foundation and a highly specialised digitla/media business.

Business Coaching - we're qualified business coaches and have delivered hyundreds of hours of support to small businesses - especially in tourism and in rural areas.

Training - we've an extensive range of training programmes including supervisory/management courses and specialised workshops on subjects such as direct marketing and e-marketing.